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Darryl Branning

In part, I am a science fiction reader and geek; a computer gamer and geek; and a writer of science fiction and fantasy, questionable poetry, and weird blog posts. I've been self-publishing on the web for years. It's a lot easier than it used to be. Most of my 'published' work has never seen an editor, and I wrote the web code myself--but I'm not charging for it, so there's that.

The Scions of Lyn:

Stay tuned. I'm working on a series of stand-alone novels set in a world of dark and powerful magic. The first novel, Bred, is available at I am very slowly working on the second novel which will probably be called Touched. I also have bubbling ideas for a third one with a working title of Bound, but the naming scheme I've chosen may give the wrong impression.

Fort Falling:

Fort Falling was a fictional web log I started as a writing exercise. I'm still surprised at how long I worked on it. I hope it's more entertaining then a standard blog, because I'm fairly certain my own life is only interesting to me. I recently published it as an ebook, which you can download for free from the website.

Raving's of a Fix-It Man:

Poems, commentary, and exercises with a common theme. I consider these the spiritual parents of Fort Falling. I'm sure I had a lot more of this stuff, but I suspect I failed to back it up a long long time ago.

Dark Matter:

A few poems with a dark mood.

Science, Magic and Other-Related-Stuff:

I wrote this article for a fan magazine called Gryphon. It was later improved greatly by the removal of half the words, and then publish online by Eggplant Productions (which went out of business a year or so later).

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